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Blackjack Tips the Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Blackjack Tips the Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Getting lucky in casinos is becoming more of a myth with players coming up with new hacks and techniques for winning. Casinos are the happiest to receive people who have zero clues about the games. It is their job to take away your money as quickly as possible and functions on the same foundation. They offer many games like Blackjack and roulette, which promises a huge gain and confidence in the players to beat the game. Even though the players do their homework to beat the game, they are not able to gain their edge if they are not competent enough. Here are a few things that casinos keep as a secret from blackjack players to stay one step ahead of them in every game.

Blackjack is math

Only the noobest players will think that blackjack is a game of luck. It requires skills to play a game of blackjack, and every hand can be players with the use of simple maths. This maths is the basic strategy of the game, and the casino will specify the rules and quote their house edge for each game as they assume that players will use the best basic strategy. Knowing the maths for blackjack is one thing, and implementing it is another. Players use different techniques to memorize the strategy. Basic strategies change based on the outcome of cards, but for most hands, it is the same regardless of the rules.

Card Counting is Legal

Casinos have put the fear in the minds of players that card counting is illegal. People think that if they count cards, they are inviting trouble. But that is what casinos want you to believe in. When you think of it, counting cards is just a strategy to think about the game while you are playing it. For obvious reasons, you do not want to get highlighted by counting cards using your fingers or a note. But it is pretty much a mind’s work, and no one can ever accuse you of it. As long as you are not using a device, it is all dependent upon how strong your brain is, and no one can blame you for it.

Card counting is easy

Casinos want their customers to be completely unaware of card counting and imagine it like a big deal which can stress out the brain a lot. They want you to believe card counting is extremely difficult and next to impossible. In reality, the concepts behind card counting are pretty simple. Only the learning will take some time. You need to understand what card counting is meant to do. The deck of cards changes constantly its composition as the cards get dealt. The most important cards in the deck are the 10s (face cards) and Aces which are worth 1 or 11. A two-card hand of total 21 will get you the blackjack you came for.

Beginner’s Guide to Casino Gambling

Beginner’s Guide to Casino Gambling

Beginner’s guide to casino gambling

This might be your first appearance inside a casino, and you must be feeling nervous because you do not know anything. All you have is a bunch of money to test your luck and little curiosity to learn how to gamble right. So how will you make it between the regular gamblers and professionals and bring the luck to your side? These tips will help you go inside a casino with the confidence of knowing how it functions and what are your chances of winning.

The house always wins

No matter what game you play, the house always has the edge. They do not need luck on their side to win and make money, but to be honest. They only need newbies like you. Never enter a casino thinking that you are going to get all of their money with your luck. There are only a few big wins in a house per day, which is insignificant compares to the number of losses. The math is always on their side.

Luck is the real biggest factor in winning

House knows its math, but as a new player, you are only dependent on your luck.  There are ways you can reduce the house’s advantage by using your own strategies and playing smart. But in the end, you will need some luck to stick around a table for a longer time.

Keep a fixed amount for your losses

Casinos are not the answer to your financial problems. Gambling is a strict no for thinking to make money unless you have been miraculously winning. Set a limit to how much you can afford to lose in games. Never walk inside a casino with your ATM card. Otherwise, you will never know when you lost all your money. Always remember gambling is just an entertainment and should never be considered a full-time source of income.

Hot streaks do not last

If you are getting lucky on every game and have made more money than what you came with, you should stop at some point and do not wait for the winning streak to end. It will end, and it can take away everything. You will not even realize where your money went while you were winning, because losses are not notices as much as winnings.

Follow casino etiquette

While you are inside the casino, you will notice the environment is not like the restaurants and bars. Casinos have their own codes and etiquettes. Even if you are losing big time, try to maintain your positive, kind and upstanding behaviour. Casino games also demand good sportsmanship, and you will be appreciated by the dealers, the waitresses, and your fellow players for it. During your hard times, the dealers will help you through the game and give you friendly advice only if you can take a defeat and still be a gentleman.

There are a few rules that you should know about casinos:

  • Never sit at a table if you are not going to play.
  • Wait until a hand is over before you sit at a table.
  • Never take your phone out while on the table.
  • Do not touch your bet once you have placed it on the table.
  • Do not touch your winnings until the deal counts and push it to you.
  • Tip your dealer regularly but never with cash, but only chips.
  • Tip your cocktail waitresses every time they come around to serve you. They might take more free rounds around you.
The Best Strategies to Win at Blackjack

The Best Strategies to Win at Blackjack

Casinos can become a hard time addiction if you are living off on winner’s end. Who would not want to get lucky in a gamble? People have become millionaires overnight with just one trip to a casino. Blackjack is one of the table and card games in casinos which promises a huge return on the bets. If done right, the luck will be always in your favour. Here we share some of the strategies which will help you to win in blackjack. You can easily apply these strategies if you know the basics of the game and understand how it works.

Always double down on hard 11

If you are doubling down on hard 11 against any dealer’s upcard, you will always win money. There is only one exception. If you are playing a multi-deck game where the rule says- the dealer must stand on soft 17, you are better off hitting against a dealer Ace rather doubling down.

Always split a pair of 8s and Aces

Split the pair of 8s and aces regardless of what the dealer’s upcard is. Most of the players make the mistake of not splitting up the pair of 8s when the dealer’s card is a 9, 10, or Ace. Players think that their chance of winning is lower than the dealer and splitting will only make it worse, while splitting can actually give you a better chance of winning than before. It gives you a bigger space to hit rather be at 16 with one hand. So basically, splitting will help you to save yourself from losing more money against a 9,10 or Ace. Always splitting your 8s and aces is your best strategy to cut your losses and stay on the table even at the harshest times.

Never split a pair of 5s Or 10s

A pair of 5s or a 10 are always better withdrawing one or more cards than splitting. Keep the 10 on the table and pray to hit an Ace, facecard, or another 10. Splitting a 10 is probably one of the worst strategies you can use in the game. Keeping the 10s together for 20 also has better chances of winning than splitting the 10s.

Always hit a hard 12 against a dealer’s 2 or 3 upcard

Players find themselves in a tough situation on 12 because of the fear of being busted. But, against a dealer’s 2 or 3 upcards, you are meant to lose money in the long run whether you stand or hit. The best strategy is to challenge your luck in this scenario and not chicken out from hitting, even if you get busted.

Always double down on 10 when the dealer’s upcard is 9 or less

It is a pretty simple rule which works on its own. When you have a 10 against dealer’s 9 or less, you should double down. It is the best strategy to get easy wins.


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